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Thanks to the following restaurants, those in attendance had a delicious meal: Texas Roadhouse, Chick-Fil-A, Buffalo Wild Wings, Red Lobster and Farm Fresh


According to Kids Count in Virginia, there are close to 20,000 children on the VA Peninsula with
a parent(s) who is/are incarcerated. On a national basis there are an estimated 10 million
children with an incarcerated parent(s). Research (Annie C. Casey foundation) indicates that these
children suffer from damaging factors that are unique to them (severe academic deficiencies,
school drop-out, early juvenile delinquency, gang involvement and other risky behaviors). In
order to offer positive and effective intervention into the lives of these children, to reverse
(resolve) all of the afore-mentioned community/societal issues, and break the resultant cycle of
crime and incarceration, Alpha & Omega Network established CAPP (Children of Absentee
Parent Project) in 2002.

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Royal Virtues Posse

police officers from the North Prescient brought presents for members of the RVP (Royal Virtues Posse). Jill Dazskowski, Acting Assistant Chief of NNPD along with Molly Bartley, Acting Captain, North Precinct were present. This was the third year for Police Presence with Presents.

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