Reminder: It is not too late to help us with our mission and contribute to our heart-felt cause.

1. If you are in Hampton Roads, there will be a table at Chick-Fil-A on Warwick Blvd. in Newport News for giving to Alpha & Omega Network. The Owner (who is a monthly Legacy Partner)offering a free entree to everyone who gives on-sight to Alpha & Omega Network (while coupons last).

2. Online via Pay Pal: alphaandomeganetwork@gmail.com.

3. US Mail: Alpha & Omega Network P.O. Box 81 Newport News, VA 23607

Remember: You will be blessed more by your giving rather than your spending. Consumption has no return compared to generosity which has tangible and intangible returns.

Given these thoughts, we pray God’s Great Grace on your generosity!

Thank you for helping preserve African American Families.

It takes a Village with Virtues and Resources to save our Children!

Graciously yours,

Eric AKA “Rev. Duke”

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